Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Who Am I?

I'm Ma.Cristina Brillantes  Ludovice. My friends call me Tin/Chibi.I am twenty-six years of age  and  currently  resided at Bagumbayan,Daraga,Albay. I was born in Makati,Metro Manila on  December 3,1987 and I'm Sagittarius. I graduated of STI College Legazpi  with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.i have finished four years of my course from STI.  My previous work was in  Philam Life where I worked there as Office Secretary. My responsibilities were encoding, went to bank to deposit some cash and checks, and We are six in the family, I am the eldest in a  four siblings.When I was young, I’m a fan of Sailor moon and Hello Kitty. My hobbies are cooking some dishes,mostly Filipino dishes like chicken/pork adobo, pork/fish sinigang, menudo, etcetera. I do also sing. Actually I was a vocalist in a rock band before. And I do also my own make up,manicure and pedicure. My favorite colors are black,red,purple and blue. I love hanging out with friends, attending some gigs. The music I like are metal, Gothic rock, pop-punk, post hardcore and alternative rock. I like fashion also. I love to eat chocolates, cakes, ice creams, pasta and pizzas but mostly I love Filipino dishes. I like watching movies. Horror, Sci-fi, Adventure, and Romance movies are my favorite genres. I also play guitar, but I am not that professional.   I do workout at home. I like watching  TV shows. Adventure time, The Walking Dead, Star Movies , HBO and Thrill are my favorites. I like reading books, a sort of romance novels and horror stories. I’m addicted to sweets. (Hope I'm not a diabetic..haha) I like people who’s friendly, trustworthy, easy to get along with, kind, cheerful. I dislike who’s boastful, backstabber, and pretentious people. I’m a simple girl who have a biggest dream-is to have a successful life.